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For the ladies...

(image source: Vanity Fair)

Title quote: Thomas Edison

behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife.

In line with my excitement to see The Social Network, I stumbled upon this interesting article in Vanity Fair about Sean Parker (played by Justin Timberlake), the guy who started Napster and who helped make Facebook what it is today.

Title quote: Groucho Marx

plunge bodly into the thick of life!

An opinion piece was published today in my college newspaper, The Red & Black, about the paper’s loss of “journalistic integrity.” This saddens me, not because I loved this paper, but because I think it reflects the shift many papers are facing. The paper was never the best or even the most objective…but it seems that integrity and objectivity are not being stressed in the classroom. And that’s scary.

What to do with this newspaper degree…

Title quote: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


a poet more than 30 years old is simply an overgrown child

I went to the Renaissance festival in Annapolis this weekend, which was awesome! Complete with jousting, duels, theatre, beer, chain mail and turkey legs! Though shall be jealous...

Title quote: H. K. Mencken